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Vidya Subramanian

Devopsly LLC
Founder, MyTechLadder.com and founder Devopsly LLC
Vidya Subramanian is an entrepreneur and a technologist who believed in DevOps
and pushed for it before the word was in existence.Her firm Devopsly LLC helps startups and enterprises alike with software operational excellence strategies. They build and execute the technical solutions for transforming software teams to be DevOps centric through incremental
architectural changes. Vidya is results driven and customer oriented and a passionate team leader. Her leadership skill has helped teams at Expedia, GE, Boeing to start their journey towards engineering and software operational excellence as well as many startups.

Vidya has built and managed teams across the globe including Europe, China, India, Thailand and the United States. She believes that for any company to be successful in today's world, the technology and software teams must be able to function across various locations seamlessly through as much operational automation as possible. Vidya is passionate about democratizing careers in technology for all and is the founder of MyTechLadder.com. She is also passionate about supporting diversity in
tech and helping women maintain a healthy career in tech. She is an investor in Seattle area startups and is an advisor to many devops startups.

Vidya is constantly learning and growing as an adult. She loves to be a dance teacher for her daughter’s group, sail with her son and husband during free time. She has a captain’s license as a sailor.