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Bethany Doran

Lumas Health
CEO/Founder | Cardiologist + Bioinformaticist at UC Denver
Ever curious and interested in the fundamental human experience, Dr. Doran has approached life from many angles ‚ as a physician, entrepreneur, humanist, data scientist and artist. As one of the principal cardiologists in the world who researches artificial intelligence and its implications within health systems and populations, her work seeks to unravel new patterns in data that can better personalize approaches to health. Additionally, she is passionate about the need for thoughtful and ethical approaches to data analysis and understanding the potential risk of bias within frameworks that are built. Her company, Lumas Health, seeks to accelerate the translation of novel technologies into healthcare, with a focus on building sustainable care models for the underserved. After completing her cardiology fellowship at Duke University, she joined the Singularity Fall 2018 Incubator, where she developed a deep interest in understanding and helping to shape what the future of medicine will be. She currently spends part of her time as a faculty and research fellow at the University of Colorado, Denver, where she leads studies and collaborates with some of the world‚ top data scientists to explore and create explainable Ai frameworks to better harness the power of health data. She serves as an expert in machine learning and artificial intelligence for the American Heart Association grant review committee and is an invited expert speaker on the future of medicine and Ai at various conferences.

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Friday, May 31

11:00am PDT